Hi, I’m Sarah! This is my story:


Gregarious, exuberant, passionate, adventurous, and compassionate. 22 years ago I was born in West Michigan.

My education began in the Fruitport Community School district. I graduated high school one semester early, at the age of 17. Grand Valley State University was the only college I visited but that’s all it took; it was love at first sight.

In the midst of earning my bachelor’s in Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations, I interned for three amazing companies: Grand Valley Athletics, the headquarters of Lake Michigan Credit Union, and the headquarters of Meijer.

These businesses contributed to the growth of my innovative and creative mindset, and they helped me develop into the young professional that I am. Throughout these experiences I have demonstrated my talent in social media marketing. I have also developed a love for creating new ways to engage customers and fans in order to increase total productivity for various companies. My leadership and organizational skills combined with my strong work ethic guide me through my successes.

In the Fall semester of 2016, my passion for travel was ignited. I spent three months studying at the University of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic, and traveling throughout Europe. While studying abroad I acquired knowledge in international business and gained a broad outlook on the world, as I experienced many different cultures. Living outside of the United States provided me with experiences that not only contributed to my personal growth, but to my professional development as well.

I graduate from college in April. The next chapter of my life is in the works. To be continued…