Learning Google Analytics

Mind. Blown. I had no idea how much information websites are able to collect from users prior to taking the Google Analytics course.

This free online class hosted by the Google Analytics Academy taught me how to efficiently manage and analyze a company website. Specifically, it taught me how to create an account for a business, implement tracking codes, analyze reports, and set up goals and campaign tracking. 

For example, I now know how to figure out the demographics of the individuals engaging with the website that I am running, and how to track their behaviors. When the company I work for runs campaigns, I will be able to monitor them and then perform analyses in order to figure out how successful they are.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 12.22.42 PMGoogle Analytics. (24 April, 2017). Google analytics for beginners certificate of completion. [Screenshot]. Retrieved from https://analytics.google.com/analyt ics/academy/course/6/certificate

As one can tell by reading this website, my personal brand surrounds my goals to become a successful businesswoman in the marketing or advertising field one day. I attempt to portray this through content that is lively, enjoyable, and easy to understand.

I always strive to try and learn new things since I do not know what type of position I want to hold. This strengthens my personal brand, as it empowers me to become a well-rounded individual. Being a versatile person sets me up for success in the workplace, as companies cherish an employee with this characteristic.

Throughout these past three months I have learned to utilize many new tools such as Photoshop, Piktochart, Final Cut Pro, and InDesign, that I was able to add to my portfolio. Though each one of these has significantly contributed to my personal brand, learning how to operate Google Analytics will probably be the most beneficial for my future.

Reason being, we live in a technologically advanced world where technology is continuing to rise. Online shopping and advertising is becoming more popular than ever. Therefore, marketers who know how to successfully run a website, track online campaigns, and collect other statistical data relevant to the company will be in demand. Learning Google Analytics for Beginners was just the start for me. In order to enhance my personal brand even more, I am making it a goal to complete all four courses that the Google Analytics Academy has to offer, plus become Google Adwords certified by the end of the summer.

I feel confident and powerful when I acquire the knowledge of using programs that will help me thrive in the future. It also motivates me, as I am eager to utilize them in real life situations to help a company grow and succeed.



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