TGF Career Counselors

It’s usually difficult for me to make decisions on my own. Sometimes I know what choices I want to make but as a human being, I need a little reassurance. Most of the time I turn to my family and friends, but when it comes to career choices I like to visit Mr. Troy Farley.

Troy is the director of the GVSU Career Center, and he also serves as an advisor to students. He is amazing at his job and I always thoroughly enjoy our conversations.

My first visit to him was in April of 2016. The reason I met with him is because I had a billion ideas of what I might want to do after I graduate and needed some direction.

Since he has worked in the business industry for plenty of years and has guided hundreds of students, he is extremely knowledgable. He provided me with additional contacts to chat with in order to give me some more information on combining my marketing skills with the health industry, which was where my heart was at the time. After talking with him I felt more confident about my future.

My next visit was on Monday, April 3rd. This was a situation where I have already made a decision, but wanted to hear his thoughts on my choice. Thankfully, Troy told me that he believes my plan to take a leap year in Spain is wonderful.

By looking at my resume he said that this trip will do nothing but enhance it. He told me that individuals who are truly cultured are attractive to many companies: “A study abroad is good, but living abroad? Way better.” Troy also verified the fact that if a person is bilingual, he/she will start out making more money than one who is not.

After chatting about Spain, he suggested that I come back to see him before I leave so that we can compile a list of potential companies that I may be interested in working for upon my return to the United States. To my surprise, he recommended that I begin a serious job search around January! I am thankful that he suggested it because if he had not, I would not have began in depth research until April.

Once we were done talking about my career path, he filled me in on his children, which I always love hearing about. He always has the coolest stories to share about one of his sons. Our conversation ended up lasting an hour!

Troy Farley is hands down one of the greatest career counselors I have ever met. I look forward to visiting him again at the end of the summer.

To make an appointment with him, call the career center at (616) 331-3311!

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 11.43.27 AM

Harken, S. (Photographer). (2017, April). Grand Rapids: GVSU Career Center.


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