Business Cards!

Though we are living in a world where there is a push toward being paperless, there is still one item that will most likely always be printed: business cards. These mini pieces of card stock can be utilized by any professional. They usually include a name, title, and contact information.

The benefit to having a business card is that it allows one to simply spread information about himself or herself to others. There are many situations where these come in handy, including when one meets somebody and has the desire to stay in touch, when networking, or when one is attempting to uphold a clientele or a following.

For example, the business card I designed below was created in attempt to gain a following on my travel blog. When I studied abroad last semester I wrote posts on the first seven weeks I was there. The original purpose of these was to keep my family and friends back home up-to-date with my life, and to document everything so that I can always remember my experience. However, my hope is that I can begin to guide those who have the desire to study abroad or travel. I plan to continue writing about traveling tips, where to visit, and details on the cities I explore when I move to Spain in August. This business card allows me to spread the word about my blog by simply passing them out to anyone and everyone:

Front: BizCardFrontInDesign. (29 March, 2017). BusinessCard. 


BizCardInDesign. (29 March, 2017). BusinessCard.

This double sided business card was created on InDesign. This program allows one to either upload a template or begin from scratch. I decided to start from scratch and discovered that it was not that difficult! By using layers, I was able to create the perfect layout.

ProofBCInDesign. (29 March, 2017). BusinessCard [Screenshot]. 

Once I get home from Spain I will have to make a new business card since I will be searching for a full-time position. After I land a job, I will have to make yet another one with my new company name and title! Therefore, I am glad I learned how to use InDesign!


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