I have been wanting to learn how to use Photoshop for YEARS.

Throughout my first three years of college Microsoft Word was pretty much the only system I knew how to use. During these times of my life there were many moments that Photoshop would have come in handy.

When I was a Marketing Intern at the headquarters of Lake Michigan Credit Union part of my job was to mentally create graphics. After I thought them out, I would pass them along to another employee who would then turn them into an actual graphic using Photoshop. There were many times where I wished that I could have just created them on my own. One day I tried to teach myself by watching YouTube videos, but I got impatient and gave up.

This photo editing system comes in handy while being a Marketing major with a minor in Advertising and Public Relations. One has access to a plethora of functions that allows him/her to apply filters to a photo, remove the background, create graphics, disguise blemishes, etc.; the list goes on.

Thankfully, my professor in my Technology in Advertising and Public Relations class recently taught me step-by-step how to use it! After learning how to utilize the main tools I was assigned to take a photo, add or remove an element of it, and then apply a filter.

I was recently accepted into a program in Spain so for my public announcement I wanted to post a picture of myself in Madrid, but I have never visited there. So, I began with the picture below of me walking up to the capital building in Budapest, Hungary. 

img_0484Klem, K. (Photographer). (2016, October). Budapest: Capital Building.

First, I used the quick selection tool and the magic eraser to remove the background of the steps and the building. Once I was done doing this, the first layer was just my body with a white background.

Next, I added a second layer of the streets of Madrid at night. To make it look like I was actually in the city, I added a grainy filter to both layers and bah dah bing! I was in Madrid.

screen-shot-2017-02-24-at-1-04-01-pmOverseas Real Estate. (2016). Spain Real Estate. Retrieved from https://overseasreal


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