Creating Videos!

Video editing has always been enticing. A year ago I purchased a GoPro in attempt to begin creating short movies, but after trying to make one I got impatient and gave up. I returned the GoPro and did not give video creating another thought until I studied abroad.

Last semester I went to school in the Czech Republic. Throughout the whole three months all I could picture was a movie of my experiences. I have a DSLR camera that I used for pictures, but photos do not do justice. Unfortunately, I had given up on video shooting and editing too soon.

One day after returning to the United States I was scrolling through my saved Snapchat videos and decided that I needed to try to compile them into a video. Since they were taken on Snapchat, the quality was not very high and most of them were shot vertically. This is what I was able to pull together by using the GoPro video editing software:

Harken, Sarah. “Study Abroad 2k16.” YouTube. YouTube, 23 February 2017. Web. Retrieved from

Even though it was not the greatest video, I still loved it. I had so much fun creating it and every time I watch it, I am taken back to those moments. At this point, I began to consider taking on video editing once again.

Ironically, a few weeks later my class and I were taught by our very talented Technology in Advertising and Public Relations professor how to use Final Cut Pro! This system offers a plethora of cool features that allows one to create advanced movies.

We were assigned the project to shoot and edit a video. First, we were advised to create a storyboard so that we would have an idea of where we wanted our videos to go.

After deciding that I wanted my video to surround my hometown, family, and what we did for fun growing up, this is the story board I created using Story Board That:

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 6.40.16 PM.pngStoryboard That. (23 February, 2017). CAP 105 Video Storyboard [Screenshot]. Retrieved from

Since I do not have the upgraded version of Storyboard That, my board was not the most accurate. However, it did guide my movie.

After creating my study abroad video, I decided that a GoPro would be a worthy investment. So, I shot the scenes above, plus a few others, using my Canon Rebel SL1 and my brand new GoPro Hero Session!

After shooting I uploaded all of the videos to Final Cut Pro to edit! I found this system pretty simple to use. It definitely offers l lot more features than the GoPro editing software. Below is a photo of my final video:

screen-shot-2017-02-24-at-9-35-01-amFinal Cut Pro. (24 February, 2017). CAP 105 Vid_2 [Screenshot].

My family and I had a ton of fun shooting it. The blonde is my sister, and my parents are both featured as well. Though there are plenty of other aspects that contribute to our hometown and childhood, this video gives an accurate overview.


Harken, Sarah. “Hometown Girls.” YouTube. YouTube, 23 February 2017. Web. Retrieved from



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