My battle with photos and texts not aligning correctly on Microsoft Word has FINALLY come to an end. This past week, I discovered Piktochart.

Piktochart is an online tool that allows one to create infographics. These are documents that tell stories and give stats through pictures. I personally love them because I am a visual learner.

Upon entering this website, one has the option to browse through free templates, upgrade to get the pro templates, or start from scratch. None of the pre-made outlines were appealing to me, so I decided to start with a blank canvas.

A huge benefit to using Piktochart is that it’s extremely simple to use. The bar on the left allows one to choose a background, insert shapes and images, and create charts. The top bar controls what is already inside of the document. Being the perfectionist I am, my infographic took me about 7 hours total to create, but the system itself is fast and doesn’t lag.

I think that it is important for a blogger’s audience to truly know him/her. “About Me” sections provide an introduction, however, the information within them is not usually very personal or interesting. This is why I decided to design my infographic as an “About Me” continuation.

The following will give you an idea as to who I am outside of school and my careers. 🙂




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